About Us

Professional Family run business

Painters and Decorators in Lincoln

We are primarily a quality painting and decorating company based in Lincoln we like to work on the premise that all jobs should generate another and therefore all our work is of the highest quality possible. We have worked in many city’s in the U.K and have a solid customer base in Lincoln. Our work is varied and interesting and we pride ourselves on our ability to keep costs down and we are always reliable.

about us

As painters and decorators in Lincoln we have been established for over 30 years.

The company was started by Kev and ten years ago Ann joined the team after qualifying for her city and guilds bringing a fresh approach in both ideas and customer relations.We are proud of the fact that our customers always come back to us and become firm friends .As painters and decorators in Lincoln we also feel we have a duty to our local community we hate discrimination of any kind and pride ourselves on the fact we can help young painters and decorators in Lincoln gain confidence and achieve a high standard of knowledge to confidently tackle tasks they thought were beyond them .Over the years during holidays and between college terms we have trained many young people with disabilitys or learning difficultys such as autism and a.d.h.d our working enviroment is relaxed though the work is taken seriously we like to have the sites we work on very relaxed . We have been fortunate to have helped train the junior painter and decorator of the year in Lincoln and also young painter and decorator of the year jess, who is now part owner of the company.during their training we also show them how to run a business and some of our trainees are now well established in their own right .We have been very fortunate to have my daughter Jess involved with the business over the last 5 years she has brought new ideas to our company and is a third generation decorator.


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